I found Attorney Ephraim and his team to be professional, courteous, attentive, and knowledgable in helping me through my divorce. I’m blown away by the level of service I received for my costs, and how easy for me they were able to make the otherwise-difficult process. Everyone on the team that I communicated with, from legal assistants and interns to Mr. Ephraim himself, seemed genuinely interested in answering my questions and delivering a high level of service. David Grey saw me through the last stretch and was particularly helpful. The only real hangups in the process were on my end when getting the spouse to sign things, and the team was patient and understanding of those delays.

Billy Kurilko

I would recommend this firm to anyone! Such a smooth and easy process. My divorce was final within 5 weeks of starting the procedures.

Terra Karbens

My experience with the Law Offices of Michael Ephraim was exceptional. The patience they provided myself and my now ex-husband was remarkable. In having to work with our schedules with both of us being in two separate states, I got to give them a BIG appreciation in making our divorce final in a matter of 8 weeks.

Thank you to all who work in making this possible for us!

Elizabeth Villaneda

My experience with Michael Ephraim has been extremely positive. He’s been in the Virginia divorce game for almost 30 years and truly knows his stuff. For the fasted uncontested divorce in Virginia, you can’t go wrong with attorney Michael Ephraim.

Thomas Hastings

Great law firm. My divorce was a very simple one and their price and attention to detail were exceptional. So happy I found them. Email communication was great and I didn’t even have to show up to court. Once we passed the 6 month waiting period, 4-6 weeks later the divorce was finalized. If you have a simple, uncontested divorce, you absolutely can not beat this law firm.

Thomas Hastings

Great company to work with excellent communication and fast work. Was divorced in less than 3 weeks with no court appearance after I got all the documents signed Great company for an uncontested divorce!! Would recommend to anyone who needs a quick result.

Tomas Hilnikka

Choosing Michael Ephraim was the best decision. He was super attentive and thoughtful and made the process as easy as possible! He followed through on everything within the promised time frame. I would strongly recommend Mr. Ephraim for anyone looking for a stress-free no-contest divorce in Virginia.

Cynthia Edward

Quick and thoughtful service at reasonable prices. My divorce was completed three weeks after all the documents were signed. Mr. Grey was great at keeping communication open. A piece of advice: while it is great that everything can be done online, through emails, if you feel there is any kind of misunderstanding pick up the phone and talk directly to whoever handles your case. They will be very helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend this firm.

Ruxandra Perea

I was recommended to Michael Ephraim by a friend and I could not be more satisfied. He was helpful and considerate every step of the way. I appreciate how helpful Michael and his staff were during the whole divorce legality process. They are an excellent option for anyone looking for a divorce attorney in Virginia.

Marvin Witt

I can not recommend this place enough! If you are looking for an affordable simplified divorce you should seriously consider this firm.I got my divorce finalized from the very first paper within a month, and it is a very impressive timeline during Covid! It really helps if your spouse is cooperative and signs the papers quickly as well. The lawyers are always in touch and available to answer any questions. I am really happy I chose this practice and now I can move on with my life.

Ekaterina Rudenko

Great service and delivered as advertised. David Grey and Juan Vidaurre handled my case quickly and with no issues at all. Truly recommended.

Juan Ignacio Montenegro

I would recommend this office to anyone. I’d specifically recommend it to those looking for an affordable, credible service that will not abuse your pockets and leave you questioning things and confused about the divorce process. This office made the entire process easy to understand; they respond in a timely manner and have thorough answers to all questions. I wasted a lot of money on consultations and even a retainer for a lawyer that I did not wind up using because at a rate of 275-300/hour I never saw any progress with my case. Great customer service and I believe these people truly care about what they are doing. No secret fees & even the front desk associates are pleasant.

Shanee Ellison

Divorce is often thought of as a long and expensive process, we put our divorce off because we were concerned about that. Michael Ephraim’s legal services were neither expensive nor drawn out. He made something that was hard for us much easier. I would highly recommend Michael Ephraim to anyone who wants to make their divorce easier, cheap, or quick. He’s an overall outstanding divorce attorney, a professional and he’s just an all-around great guy who cares.

Stephen Lawson

Though I would never wish a divorce on anyone, if it does happen to you, I would absolutely recommend this law office. I had an uncontested divorce and required a property settlement agreement and they made it as easy as it possibly could have been. They were fast, responsive, and available to help. I was nervous because it almost seemed ‘too good to be true’, but they went above and beyond every expectation set on their website. I wish everyone a happy marriage, but if you can’t do that, at least you can use this firm to make a smooth exit.

Francesca Ling

I got my divorce a few years ago l, this law firm was able to do my divorce completely online! ( every situation is different).In my case is was very quick, efficient, and reasonably priced. Best money I have spent!

Latoya Mack